Plastic, the world that we know most. Our line of production is design to fulfill the industry standard. With quality and technology we delivered plastic along with ISO standard and sophisticated machinery for the customer satisfaction. Our one stop solution for antistatic tube is the best, also with customers that need our service in custom extruded plastic.

Antistatic Tube
Our tubes are extrude using only with high quality raw material like R PVC, HI-PS, PETG plastic. We can provide you with antistatic tube end stop and plugs, tube drilling, notching and also put your company logo, name, parts number, addressers, or slogans on every tube.

Custom Extrude Plastic
We are committed to customer satisfaction through our expert in developing custom extrude plastic for our customer needs. We have capabilities extrude parts with cloth on the outside, multiple custom color, dual durometers, tapes attached and different surface texture.

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